Kelowna Camps


2022 Summer Camps registration is open! 

This summer, Geering Up is offering camps for Grades 1 to 9 at our UBC Okanagan campus located in Kelowna! Our STEM camps inspire and challenge youth across the Okanagan through fun, innovative, and hands-on experiments and projects. To explore what programs we’re offering this summer, see below!


  • Weekly Programming from JULY 4 to AUG 26, 2022
  • 9AM – 3PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (Before/After Care options available for most camps)
  • UBC OKANAGAN (KELOWNA CAMPUS), 3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7


Grade Levels: Grades 1-12 (varies by Camp Theme)
Program Pricing: $264-400 (varies by camp theme and program length)

We believe that every person should be able to participate in our programs, and so we are working hard to bring you summer courses through these challenging times. As such, please see the information regarding our camp bursaries.

Before & After Care Pricing:

  • Before Care: $18-$24 depending on week selected
  • After Care as $32-$40 depending on week selected

Registration Deadlines: Registration for each camp will close at 11:59PM on the Sunday the week before camps begin.
(i.e., if the camp begins Monday, July 11th, registration for it will close on Sunday, July 3rd at 11:59PM)

All-Girls* camps are denoted in pink. Having trouble viewing the calendar? Click here to open it in a new tab. *Please note that August 2nd-5th is a 4-day camp week.


Please note that each camp will feature the same curriculum each week. As such, we do not advise taking the same camp more than once throughout the summer. When registering for a camp, register your child in the grade level they will be entering in fall of 2022.


Are you ready for a STEM-tastic week full of design challenges and experiments! This program is designed to introduce mini-scientists and engineers to all of the STEM disciplines. At Geering Up we recognize for many participants going into grade 1 this will be their first time in a classroom all day. Our Miniminds camps provide a space for future grade 1 students to get the chance to practice being in a new classroom and have fun with lots of hands-on STEM activities.

We offer two different versions of Miniminds: A and B. The two versions will discuss different STEM topics and involve different building challenges and activities.

This program is intended for participants entering grade 1 in September 2022.

GRADE LEVELS: entering grade 1


Grab your hard hats, aspiring Engineers! This camp is dedicated to the makers, builders, and explorers who might want to change the world – one project at a time! Discover forces, learn about airplanes and explore different engineering disciplines each day! We’ll take a deeper dive into how to design and construct – and help make our world a better place using the Engineering Design Cycle. Our Maker Camp is filled with creative hands-on activities designed to inspire participants to build and think critically.

Join this camp if you love to build (or even destroy) and are interested in learning more about what engineers do.

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 2-7

STEM Explorations

This one is for our Junior Explorers! STEM Explorations is all about exploring the four disciplines STEM- science, technology, engineering, and math! In this camp, you will become immersed into the things that make our world what it is today. Whether it’s exploring engineering problems, or being amazed with mind-boggling science experiments, our STEM Explorations camp aims to engage our participants through hands-on, fun, and interdisciplinary activities.
Join this camp if you have a passion for exploring and want to investigate the interconnectedness of the fields of STEM.

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 2-3, 6-7


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics – and we’re full STEAM ahead! Join our team as we explore the sea, the sky, the land, and the earth, as we learn more about what makes our world go ‘round – and more – all while getting creative and exploring our artistic side! Rooted in the union of artistic expression and STEM design processes, we aim to foster a co-enriched environment where participants can explore their STEM passions alongside creative pursuits. Join us for a week filled with design inquiry and fun hands-on projects!
Join this camp if you want to unleash your creative side through original engineering projects and are ready to combine the worlds of art and science!

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 2-5

Creative Coders

This one is for our coding crew! Here, we’re going to explore a variety of coding platforms, digital design applications, and game development. If you’re excited about the idea of programming based innovations, then you’ll want to join fellow coders for a week of creative coding projects! Creative Coders does not focus on a specific coding language, but instead uses several coding platforms to expose participants to the wide world available to them. All skill levels welcome – No previous computer programming experience is necessary.

Join this camp if you want to learn or enhance your coding skills and be able to create all sorts of fascinating scripts and projects.

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 4-7

ASAP Aerospace Engineering

Fasten your seatbelts and engage your thrusters because Geering Up is excited to introduce our brand new ASAP Aerospace camp! In this camp we look at how humans are sent to space starting with the planning phase, all the way to the rocket returning to earth.

Campers will discover the physics and mathematics behind space flight and orbits around earth. They’ll also look at the biological and medical aspects of surviving in space or on another planet! Come explore the engineering feats and technology required to build rockets, space stations, satellites, and rovers.


Join this camp if you’re interested in space exploration, flight, pushing new boundaries, and learning what aerospace engineering entails!

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 8-9

ASAP Biomedical Engineering

Pull on some gloves, put on a pair of safety goggles, and grab yourself a lab coat because Geering Up’s Biomedical Engineering camp is back! A staple of the Geering Up High School camps, Biomedical Engineering focuses on its namesake discipline of engineering, biomedical engineering.

This camp combines aspects of anatomy, microbiology, medical technology, and engineering as we look at how biomedical engineers solve problems in medicine. In these camps, engaging and thought-provoking presentations are met with hands-on design activities meant to transport our campers into the shoes of biomedical engineers.

Join this camp if you are interested in medicine, biology, microbiology, or engineering, or want to see how engineers can work to solve problems in the medical field!

GRADE LEVELS: entering grades 8-9

Engineering Explorations

Sharpen your pencils, slap on a hard hat, and get your designer’s brain in gear because Geering Up’s High School summer program is back! Explore how the different disciplines of engineering can be used together to accomplish amazing things. As such, this program will not only focus on one discipline of engineering, but multiple!

From engaging presentations to hands on activities and in-lab experiences, this camp will explore biomedical, aerospace and other areas of engineering with instruction from Undergraduate students and University professors and is perfect for those high school students looking to flex their problem solving skills and get to designing!

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 10/11/12


Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for camps this year.

Camps Cancellation Policy 2022

Date of cancellation Cancellations/Transfers
Before 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins Cancellation: $25

Transfer: $0

After 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins 50% camp price

Transfer: $25

After 4:00pm on the Friday before camp begins 100% camp price

Transfer: no transfer possible

Camp Hours: 9:00am - 3:00 pm

Grade Level: register for the grade that your camper will be entering in the fall of 2022.

Recess & Lunch: campers will get outside for a 30 minute recess and hour long lunch each day

Activities: in our camps we will have a variety of activities including engineering building challenges, coding projects, experiments, creative design projects and more.

Before & After Care: For campers entering grade 1-7 we offer before and after care options along with our camps to try and accommodate the busy lives of parents/guardians. Before care runs each day of the camp from 8:15am to 9am, and after care runs from 3pm to 4pm.

- Before Care Pricing: $18-$24 for the week (depending on the week selected)
- After Care Pricing: $32-$40 for the week (depending on the week selected)
*On short weeks, before and after care are still offered on camp days, but not on the holiday.

At this time, Geering Up will not be releasing our Summer 2022 COVID-19 Camps policies, as the provincial health guidelines change so frequently. Rest assured, Geering Up will take all necessary measures to protect our campers, staff, and volunteers. Geering Up is required to follow UBC's COVID-19 guidelines in addition to the BCCDC. As such, we are not able to confirm our Summer 2022 policies at this time.

As of January 2022, current Geering Up policies include measures such as masks for all campers K-12, regular sanitization of high touch surfaces and shared equipment, and outdoor sign-in and sign-out. Policies are subject to change as the provincial guidelines progress. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to

All registered parents will receive notification of our COVID-19 policies in advance of summer camps.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times!


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