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Online Saturday Club
Online Saturday Club


Outside of our Camps and Clubs season, Geering Up Okanagan runs a variety of specialty events throughout the year. These one-time events are designed to engage different groups in our exciting curriculum and offer a place for participants to explore engineering concepts in unique ways.

Grade levels: Vary by event

Pricing: Events are free for participants


Engineering Into the Universe: Exploring Aerospace Engineering (All Girls* Event)

What: Did you know that space is 100 vertical kilometers away from the surface of the Earth? What does it take to engineer devices that will travel those 100 kilometers and beyond? Well, get ready to blast off into the unknown and discover the science and engineering behind some of the most innovative technology in space. By combining your creativity and design skills, you can ideate and design your own versions of the innovative engineering that is helping us explore the universe and expand our knowledge.

Join us for a captivating and exciting day at UBCO that is all about engineering. In this free event you will meet current UBCO faculty and students as you are led through fun hands-on activities including design challenges. Connect with other like-minded students and talk to undergraduate mentors who will share their stories and experiences.

When: May 4th 2024 from 9:30am to 2:30pm

Who: Girls* in grades 9-10

* We use the words “girls” and “women” inclusively. All trans, genderqueer and non-binary folks belong at and are welcome to attend our events.

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